About Us

The Spic & Span Market has been owned by Greg and Lori Peck, of Southport, Connecticut, for the past 34 years. Greg began working at the store in 1976 while still in high school, and Lori joined not long afterward to build on the store's catering & prepared food sections, and their son Alex is now on board to ensure future generations of the same quality and service - he's an Army Veteran and has been working at the store since he was 13! They purchased the building in 2001, totally renovating and doubling the size of the store, to accommodate their growing business.

Our staff has been with us on an average of 15 years, and they are true professionals in what they do. Even after just one visit to the store, you will feel like a regular in our Meat and Deli Departments.

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Our Latest News:

We expanded our produce section (now over 20ft) to feature seasonal produce from around the world, as well as sourcing from local farms right in our home town of Fairfield. This includes fresh eggs, corn, tomatoes, squash - whatever has been harvested that day!

We are hoping to see the return of "THE Southport Globe Onion," as promised by one of our farmers in Southport!

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